David Crystal in Zagreb

Quite a few members of my PLN spent the last weekend at a conference in Paris. I couldn't be there with them, (I strongly believe the time will come when I too will go to a conference and meet my PLN:-) but now I'm enjoying reading their reflections on their very special tweet-ups and the fabulous TESOL conference. One of the brilliant presenters and speakers at the conference was David Crystal.

This weekend, imagine that, I had a fantastic opportunity to hear David Crystal give two talks at the 10th OUP Conference in Zagreb: Advanced Conversational English: fact and fiction and The perils of being a linguist.

David Crystal held his audience of about 400 (or maybe even 500) teachers enthralled for over two hours. David Crystal didn't use power point. He didn't need it. His speech was powerful without it.


Janet Bianchini said…
Hi Arjana

I can imagine how much you learned from this amazing linguist and fascinating speaker. I too was held enthralled for an hour at Tesol Italy Rome, where Professor David Chystal spoke about the evolving nature of the English language.

The talk was absolutely fantastic, and as you said, without the aid of Powerpoint or any other prop. Just himself and the microphone.

I am sure I will meet you one day, Arjana, and I look forward to it very much :)
Arjana said…
Dear Janet,
thank you so much for your comment. I'll be delighted to meet you and I hope we won't have to wait too long for a tweet-meet:-)
Andrea Giordano said…
I've always loved David Crystal. His knowledge of language is mesmerizing!
Arjana said…
Dear Andrea,
thanks for your comment. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to hear David Crystal give a talk and I think I could have listened to him for the whole day without a break. He's absolutely wonderful.