Inspired, motivated and enthusiastic

I just returned from Seattle where I attended a training for top 50 educators from 31 countries, organised by the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network. We were invited to Seattle to be trained to become teacher-trainers in innovative teaching and learning practices.

This past week has been absolutely fabulous. Whenever I come home from a trip, I always ask myself what the best moment of the trip was. But now it's simply impossible for me to pick out just one, because

- meeting 49 amazing teachers from 30 countries and learning from them (and there was so much that I could learn from each and every one of them)
- meeting the excellent organizers of the seminar who made the whole week as memorable as possible
- taking part in meticulously organised sessions and workshops
- getting familiar with so many wonderful tools that can be used in the classroom
- feeling inspired to apply what I have learned
- being ready to change my teaching practices and
- bubbling up with enthusiasm to change the Croatian educational system (Yes, indeed, I really mean it:-)))

is what makes this conference simply one of the best I have ever attended!


Pilar Cuello said…
Thanks! I really feel the same. That has been an absolutely inspiring week!
Arjana said…
Dear Pilar,
It was a huge pleasure to meet you and the other attendees in person. Let's stay connected:-)
Marijana said…
Great job Arjana, I feel like I was there. Nice Animoto.

Let's chanage Croatian system together, you have my support!
MsBlazic said…
Dear Marijana,
let's go for it:-)))
Brad said…
Glad to hear the event so well. Enjoyed checking out the photos too. Thanks for sharing with us all !

Cheers, Brad
Arjana said…
Hi Brad,
yes, it was a fantastic conference and I'm glad you like the photos! But now it's time to get ready for yet another conference! TESOL France - and I'm so looking forward to meeting you f2f:-)
Azhar Y said…
Hi Arjana,

I'm so happy to hear about your success. As usual you are the best ... !!! As you know I'm so interestedin using technology in my classrooms, would you please tell me which tools you learned about in this training .... I'm so eager to know moare about them ..... waiting for your response ....!!!

Your E-colleague
Arjana said…
Dear Azhar,
thanks so much for your kind words. We learned about free Microsoft tools that can be used in the classroom - I especially like Autocollage and Photo Story 3, which I have used with my students. Photosynth seems to have great potential for classroom use. I learned how to use One Note, but this tool is not free, unfortunately, because it's fantastic for sharing knowledge as well as for different types of collaborative activities between students and teachers.
All the best