My TESOL France presentation

I just arrived from Paris where I attended the 30th TESOL France conference, which was perfectly organized by the wonderful Bethany Cagnol and her amazing team. Those three days were absolutely fabulous.

I'm delighted not only because I was there, but also because I met many of my Twitter friends in person. Another thing is that my presentation went well, especially as it was my first international presentation ever.
Photo by Chuck
I'm deeply grateful to all the teachers who came to my talk, especially to

my iTDI family - Chuck Sandy, Anna Musielak, Anna Loseva, Vicky Loras and Vladimira Michalkova,
my wonderful Twitter and Facebook friends Valentina Dodge, Elizabeth Anne, Helen Noire and Sue Annan.
Special thanks go to Sue Lyon Jones who inspired me to create my own tests and quizzes
and Shelly Terrell, my good fairy of the internet, without whom I would never be where I am now.

Here's the slideshare of my talk. I hope you find some useful tools for creating online quizzes, tests and puzzles.


Brad said…
Great meeting you, Arjana ! Glad to here the PLN encounter was an inspiring one as it was for me... and yes, Shelly is a good fairy for us all ! ;-)
Janet Bianchini said…
Draga Arjana

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Tesol France presentation! It looks really useful and full of practical tips for creating online quizzes, which I will look into as soon as I can.

Many "cestitam" on your first international presentation! You did brilliantly :-) I wish I could have been in the front row to cheer you on. Hopefully, next time!!

Best wishes

Arjana said…
Thanks Brad, Shelly was one of the first teachers who I met on Twitter and she's always been so helpful and supportive. I'm so honored that I had the opportunity to meet her in person as well.

Janet, thank you so much for your "cestitke". I hope that you find some interesting tools in my presentation. TESOL France was a wonderful event and certainly worth attending - so maybe next year we get a chance to meet there f2f :-)
Shelly Terrell said…
Great seeing your presentation! I learned about some new tools I hadn't heard of! I also enjoyed spending time with you again! Till the next conference! Hugs!
Arjana said…
Dear Shelly, thanks so much for being there! It was wonderful to see you and hug you again:-)