Just a perfect day for webinars

I first presented at a webinar a year ago - and got hooked immediately! When it comes to webinars, it doesn't matter if  I'm a moderator, a presenter or only a listener, I simply love them. They're really contagious - you do it once - you want to do it all the time! And on Saturday Dec. 17 there is going to be a real treat for all the webinar fans out there. Two fanatastic events will take place in the virtual world: 

At 10:00 am CET,  iTDi will be hosting a special webinar What's a Teacher? moderated by Shelly Terrell with live online presentations by Scott Thornbury, Luke Meddings, Marcos Benevides, Steven Herder, Chuck Sandy, and John Fanselow. 300 teachers from 57 countries have registered for the event. Are you one of them too?

Immediately after the ITDi webinar, at 2:0 pm CET, Sonja, Bart and I will be moderating our first virtual Teach Meet Int'l. In this webinar, 25 speakers from 15 countries will be sharing their ideas and projects in  3-minute presentations. Check out who our fabulous presenters are and what they're going to talk about. You don't have to register to hear our speakers, just follow this link to the Live meeting room which will be open at 1:30 CET. Click here to see your time and date.


Jeannette James said…
Thanks so much for the experience of my first live meeting Webinar. You are right, they do get you hooked. I would love to learn more. You were an encouraging and polite host. Please pass on thanks to the Croatian sponsors.
Marijana said…
HI Arjana, being hooked is a small word, but mayb ethe best for now to describe our addiction to webinars. The three of you really did an amazing job, including Jeannette who was so helpful by creating a tweetdoc, way to go! :)
Arjana said…
Dear Jeannette and Marijana, thank you for being there with us all the time and making this TeachMeet so special. And special thanks to you, Jeannette for compiling all the tweets. I didn't know something like that was possible at all. I deeply appreciate it, especially because it was the mdldle of the night in Australia and you were there with us. I feel so honored. Thank you!
Sharon said…
Oh, darn, I missed the webinar and the TeachMeet. I'll have to check the links for the next ones. They're free, right?
Arjana said…
Sharon, of course they're free and everybody is welcome to present! Our next session will be held on March 3, 2012 at 10:00 CET. I'd be delighted to hear about your ideas and projects. Please find more information here: http://teachmeetinternational.wikispaces.com/
Looking forward to seeing you there :-)