Wonderful world at TeachMeet Int'l

Back in June when we scheduled the third Teachmeet Int'l for September 29, I had no idea that I would spend my whole summer preparing for the workshops that I gave to teachers all over Croatia at the end of August (as part of the School 2.0 project by CARNet). I had no idea that September was going to be filled with so many projects and very tight deadlines that I had to beat. Add to this the massive school paperwork that is always due by the end of September and you'll understand that I was so terribly tired and exhausted that the thought of calling off the Teachmeet crossed my mind! But luckily, I don't give up that easily!

And I'm glad I didn't because the very minute that all these educators from the four corners of the globe started coming to the Adobe room, all my tiredness disappeared into thin air. I enjoyed every single minute of the event! So much so that we even danced, both on the stage and in the chatbox! These two hours of pure enthusiasm, passion and inspiration shared by 50 amazing educators will keep me going for the rest of this school year.


Ian pratt said…
thanks for all your hard work. it really was amazing to be part of it.
Janet Bianchini said…
Dear Arjana

Many thanks to you, Bart and Sonya for organizing such an incredibly uplifting show for us all!

I am very glad you didn't give up!! I appreciate all you have done to make 3rd Teach Meet International such a huge success.


Arjana said…
Dear Ian and Janet,
thank you so much for your participation in the teachmeet. It was because of you that it turned out to be such an amazing event!

I'm still euphoric about it and I hope that everybody had as much fun as I did.