From eTwinning with Love

Today is the last day of yet another learning event that Bart and I are leading in the eTwinning Learning Lab. Our event, eTwinning 3.0 is about education 3.0. We prepared lots of resources, tools and most importantly lots of creative tasks for our participants. Those past ten days were so intense, totally filled with collaboration, connectedness and creativity that I feel like we have reached the stars!All those comments that have been posted all over the web show that we have fulfilled our mission - to fly to the moon:

Here are some of the comments:

Words fail me - I'm so deeply touched and .... over the moon! A million thanks to all of you, dear participants, fellow etwinners and friends. It's been an out-of-this-world experience.


Teacher Sally said…
This is the first time I've heard of eTwinning. But I've been an avid fan of learning technologies. I want to expose myself to the new trends in teaching. I hope to get as much information about the new tools so I can improve my teaching strategies for my students.
Arjana said…
Hi Sally,
I'll be glad to help. If you have any questions regarding eTwinning or new tools, just let me know.