Unlock Learning with Ollie Bray

I've just finished reading yet another must read by Ollie Bray -  Using 1:1 to Unlock Learning. It's a fantastic resource on how to deploy 1:1 computing at your school.  It can be downloaded for free on Slideshare and as a pdf.

Ollie gives lots of practical information on what teachers, school administrators and policy makers need to take into consideration if they want to deploy a 1:1 learning environment. I highly recommend this book, even if you don't have any plans for using 1:1 computing whatsoever. Because it's learning and teaching that this great e-Book is about. Or as Ollie says, "Adding technology doesn't mean more learning and adding technology to a boring lesson may not make a lesson more interesting."

With Ollie in Swindon, 2012 


alessandra said…
Thanks for the suggestion! I can't agree more with what Ollie says. We sometimes take for granted that students like technology and are ready to accept technological teaching, even when the focus is on the learning process and not the tools. But it is not like that. Not always at least. Working with technology implies a lot of work also from the students' part but they are not always so happy with it.
Arjana said…
Dear Alessandra,
I agree with you. Learning with technology means a lot of involvement and I sometimes have a feeling that students would rather remain passive receivers of knowledge than play an active role in creating new knowledge.