Workshops, Keynotes, Twitter Chats and More

Professionally, 2017 seems to have been a great year for me: As a teacher trainer I have:

delivered 42 workshops, 2 keynotes and one 5-day course, 
led 8 webinars,
designed and facilitated one 12-day eTwinning online learning event, 
moderated 4 Twitter chats and one 5-day long Twitter marathon
travelled to 7 countries to give workshops and keynotes.

I've been lucky to have closely collaborated with some of the most inspiring educators from all over the world.

With my students I successfully completed: 
1 global project on climate change, 
2 eTwinning projects (both recognized with European Quality Labels), 
1 Erasmus+ project (recognized with two awards)
and started a new Erasmus+ project.

But besides these nice things, 2017 has also been a year of many rejected applications, failed and unfinished projects and far too many disappointments. That's life, I guess. Or a sign for a career change maybe.


Ilze said…
Well done! Happy New Year!
Arjana said…
Thanks Ilze, Happy New Year :-)
Delphine said…
All the Best for 2018 to you Arjana!
Still Learning so much from You!
Arjana said…
Thank you Delphine, all the very best to you too :-)